• HypnoMedi® A Moment of Peace Mini Meditations

HypnoMedi® A Moment of Peace Mini Meditations



HypnoMedi® Hypnotic Meditations: A Moment of Peace Mini Meditations

Be guided with hypnosis as you move into a relaxed state and into a framework of complex healing.

Empower your life with results that work for you in just 10-20 minutes. Use these meditations as often or as little as you like, the choices are all yours.

Set your intention of what you would like, move through barriers to your outcome and find personalized success.

1. HypnoMedi® Introduction to Mini Meditations Time: 1:25

2. HypnoMedi® Hypnotic Guide Into Meditation 
Be guided into the stillness of the mind, body and soul. Overcome distracting barriers of a busy mind or restless body.  Moving into a recognizable meditative state with hypnosis is an efficient way to learn how to create your own successful practice. Time:10:47

3. HypnoMedi® Habits
Imagine being free from a habit. Many people feel on track with a habit one day and fall off the next. With this recording you can set your mind as often as you like to get through triggers and stop the cycle before it starts.
What will you do when the habit is no longer a habit? Time: 9:34

4. HypnoMedi® Phobia and Trauma
Healing can be remotely painless.
Heal safely, unconsciously and move on to the way of being that you actually want. Time: 15:23

5. HypnoMedi® Happy and Confident
Set your mind with confidence and a happy attitude so you can move through your day feeling good. Time: 15:19

6. HypnoMedi® Clear and Empower
Clear away that which no longer serves you and empower and embrace the youest you. Work subjectively for what you want to move through and then what you want to move into. Time: 11:40

7. HypnoMedi® Sleep
This practice quickly leads you into body mind and soul relaxation so you can sleep. Learn how to do a thorough relaxation, a valuable life skill, in pieces or altogether.

You. Can. Sleep. Time: 20:13

Jane Gallagher holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coach who believes in ethical, empowering facilitation.

Maxville Productions. Original music and tones by Christopher McGovern. Edited, Mixed and Mastered at Maxville Productions in Berkeley, California